For a long time, I worked as a manager at a large company. I felt the work pressure increasing day by day: everything had to be done faster and cheaper. Along the way, I started feeling uneasy with the job. However, at the moment I truly realized what was going on I decided to hit the reset button.

After this resetting of my life I have been carefully thinking about my choices. Back in the day regularly went to Africa with my parents, helping them with their foundation. After that I started traveling a lot myself. One of the things I learned from these travels: my fascination for handmade materials!

Bandits & Darlings is connecting two worlds. Via Bandits & Darlings, products from small local markets find their way to customers worldwide.

In this way, Bandits & Darlings contributes to a structural income for local craftsmen.Together with the pleasant and enthusiastic reactions from the customers I believe we created a truly enjoyable company.